About Us

What is NaaradPay? NaaradPay is a Social Media web + Mobile apps brought to you by Squeaks Technology Services (OPC) Private Limited. Where is NaaradPay Head-Quarter located? NaaradPay Head-Quarter located in B20, Infotower 1, Infocity, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382009. Is NaaradPay 100% Made in India? In today's world, no App can be 100% Made in a particular country only because of technology involved behind the development but yes NaaradPay is 100% Indian company with 100% Indian shareholders. Here is the little information regarding development and technology Involved behind NaaradPay: NaaradPay have combined a few technologies behind one Framework, We have developed Squeaks on WoWonder Frame-Work but here we have just used a Frame-work and not the entire code, All the codes behind this framework done by our Indian Programmers and Technologies such as Maps, Locations, Video-Audio Calling, Data-storage given by Google, Amazon and few open-source software. NaaradPay Development have overall cost around $250,000+ Marketing, Deployment as well as monthly $50,000+ recurring maintenance charges as the entire web are maintained by Security experts for making it hack Proof. Is my data secured with NaaradPay? Yes! 100% as said above we have used Wo-wonder Wireframe for development but not the programming and data only reason is to secure our user's private data and provide the highest privacy needed. Do NaaradPay represent any Ideology or religious sentiments? No! What NaaradPay represent is India and Indian culture, we do not have any particular ideology or biased towards any race, religion, or community. At NaaradPay, we treat all global citizens equally. What are the future plans of NaaradPay? NaaradPay have many upcoming projects and future plans, One of them is our Naarad messenger which Version 3 is releasing with NaaradPay Social Media, Squeaks Bringing Android and iPhone Timeline and messenger services, NaaradPay basically running as a non-profit company and all the earning NaaradPay does or will do will be used in few sectors like Education, Personal Hygiene, Health, Rural Development, and many other projects across India. Recently NaaradPay have adopted 5000 kids and starting giving them a Scholarship, NaaradPay planning to adopt at-least 500,000 kids across India from the weaker section of the society and going to take full responsibility for their education and after education employment.